poverty in pakistan

REASON          Image result for reason of poverty of pakistan short essay 150 wordsSOLOTION Following are the solutions of poverty.



i. Elimination of unemployment:

 People should be given It should be effort of the government that no one should remain unemployed. At least, every one should earn and meet own expenses of life.

ii. Persuasion for Labor and hard work:

Unemployment should be converted into employment and hardworking. For this purpose, people who do not want to do. menial work should be persuaded and given incentives to do all kinds of job.

iii. Technical education to beggar:

Those who are poor and beggar may be given technical education. In this way, their potential will be utilized in a better way. For this purpose, special technical training institutes for the beggars may be started in every big city of the country.

iv. Promotes culture of saving:

Our society is lack in saving and people use to spend more than their income. This kind of attitude is one of the major factors of under growth and poverty. People should be given incentives and motivated to save more for the coming generation. This kind of culture may be promoted.

v. Technical and semi technical education:

People should be given technical and semi technical education. This kind of education may be extended up to the rural areas because incidence of poverty is more in rural areas than the urban areas. Finial assistance may also be given to such kinds of people.

vi Promotion of education:

Importance and benefits of the education and literacy may be conveyed to the people because education enables individuals to get better jobs in society. A special effort may be started for the rural areas because illiteracy is more in rural areas.

vii. Women empowerment:

Women are the fifty percent of the population. Very little chunk of the women of our society are well educated and doing job. They should be given technical and vocational skills, so that they could start some work at their home. In this Way, they will remain in the house and productively utilize their free time.

Viii: Improved agriculture:

68% of the total population lives rural areas Most of them are attached with the agriculture. I agriculture is enhanced.and made more profitable business, positive impacts on the poverty reduction can be observed. Therefore, agriculture may be improve.d by introducing new technology, seeds, pesticides and other agricultural inputs. Problems related with agriculture may also be addressed on priority basis.

ix. Better infrastructure:

Status of infrastructure may also be improved. New roads, bridges, Water supply schemes and health facilities should be constructed up to the remote areas of the country. Farm to market road may also be constructed on emergency basis because Pakistan is an agricultural country. 1t is need of the time that farms should be well connected to the market.

x. Extension of micro credit:

Already a number of micro credit organizations and banks like Puhjab Rural Support Program (PRSP), National Rural support Program (NRSP), Khushhali bank and first micro credit bank are giving small, credit to the poor people to start business or enterprise. This kind of services should be extended up to the remote rural areas of Pakistan..

xi. Reduce population growth rate:

The most important step is to reduce population growth. There should be harmony between economic growth and population growth. Without stooping it, every step taken to reduce poverty will be futile. So this hold be given due importance.